In Theaters this Week (March 8th-14th)

March 8th

ozgreatandpowerful-thirdposter-fullWhen I saw the trailer for ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’, my heart screamed Alice in Wonderland (produced by the same man), and I think that the movie itself will be equally as disappointing. It will be visually stunning, but as for character development and depth it seems like it will be lacking. This movie is based upon a classic tale, but don’t expect anything classic out of the film. It is Disney, so it will have some strengths… It will look great visually , have a great score done by Danny Elfman (4 time oscar nominee), and of course it will look “expensive”. $200 Million dollars is a lot of money to spend on a movie, and honestly ‘Oz’ does not look like it was worth it. My Expectation: 50/100


It seems that this movie has really gone under my radar. It wasn’t until I was going through the list of coming soon movies that I even noticed it. After watching the trailer, it does look like it might give real New Yorker’s a very homey feel. It looks like it does not take you into the touristy parts of New York, but instead takes you right into reality. Other than that, I did not see much to get excited about from Dead Man Down. In fact, the only thing that kept me from writing it off altogether was the director, Neils Ardin Oplev; however, the movie is produced by WWE studios, so really how much can you expect? My Expectation: 40/100

emperor-posterEmperor did not realize quite how lucky they got with the casting of Tommy Lee Jones. This is Jones’ first movie since coming off of Lincoln where he was nominated for an academy award. He was the favorite, but he ended up losing to one of the stars of Django Unchained, Christoph Waltz. Emperor had a trailer that got me excited, but all the reviews that I have seen have stated that the movie is a let down. It seems  like it will improve your historical education, but apparently nothing more than that. After doing a search, I could only find two theaters that are showing Emperor (I live in Los Angeles), so if your living in a smaller town, you might be out of luck. My Expectation: 55/100

Nothing to get too excited about this week.


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