In Theaters this Week (March 22nd-28th)

'Olympus has Fallen'

‘Olympus has Fallen’ (40/100)

Is this what is now considered entertaining? I just can’t see myself spending the time to go see a film that is designed around such a poor idea. ‘Olympus’ just looks like a low-budget superhero film, but without superheroes. There seems to be nothing new in ‘Olympus has Fallen’. This is the kind of film that people reference when they claim that the industry is dying. It’s unoriginal and makes excessive use of CGI. Despite the a-listers, I don’t expect too much out of this release. My Expectation: 40/100

'The Croods'

‘The Croods’ (70/100)

Something that I do not think I have mentioned since starting this site is that I am a fan of animation. While most of it is, by my standards, crap, a few times a year you stumble upon an animated film that is actually worth watching. ‘The Croods’ looks like it may be one of those films. Even though it looks like we will see some 10 year-old humor lying within the plot, ‘The Croods’ looks like a fresh take on the animated comedy genre. It does not appear to be on the same level as some of Dreamworks other films (‘How to Train your Dragon’, ‘Shrek 1 & 2′), but it looks like it will be a strong effort nonetheless. My Expectation: 70/100


‘Admission’ (35/100)

Brace yourself because I am about to say something that may offend a lot of people.. I do not find Tina Fey very funny. With the exception of ‘Mean Girls’, her cinema efforts (‘Baby Mama’ and ‘Date Night’) have been utterly disappointing. ‘Admission’ looks to be in the same class as the two previously mentioned films. I expect to see a decently funny comedy, but nothing to get excited about. Not to mention that Paul Rudd is one of the most annoying actors in the comedy business. My Expectation: 35/100

Next week, my most highly anticipated film this year comes out! It looks like next week will be the one good week that stops March from being a total disaster.


In Theaters this Week (March 15th-21st)

March 15th


What happend to Halle Berry? After she won her Oscar everyone expected her to explode with great roles. Since her Oscar she has done some awful movies such as Catwoman, New Year’s Eve, and Movie 43. Is ‘The Call’ another movie I can include to that list? Unfortunately, I think so. While the movie looks decently made, the script seems to be the flaw. It seems to be incredibly unbelievable. While I commend writer Brad Anderson for trying to be original, the idea behind The Call simply does not look good enough. I hope to see a compelling thriller, but I just don’t think it will happen. My Expectation: 50/100

Burt-WonderstoneBefore you right it off, maybe it will be the same kind of funny that we have all grown to love. Maybe it will fall in the same category as some movies that we have all seen, such as: Austin Powers, Anchorman, and Zoolander. At least we can all hope so. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone has an all star cast featuring Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Alan Arkin, and the smoking-hot Olivia Wilde. I’m not saying that ‘Burt Wonderstone’ will be good, but I am telling you not to write it off quite yet. My Expectation: 55/100


If I had just heard about the release of Upside Down, I would maybe be slightly excited for it; however, I first heard about a Summer 2012 release, then a Christmas 2012 release, and now a March 15, 2013 release. This shows the lack of confidence that the studio has in the movie. There is not much original here, the idea of two Earth’s has been explored before (never very successfully I should note). Also, I think the idea of a Romance is the wrong direction to go with the film, and it pushes away the sci-fi crowd that would have otherwise been attracted to the idea. My Expectation: 45/100


I just took the time to watch the trailer for ‘Spring Breakers’, and can someone please explain to me what the hell I just watched? It seemed as if the whole storyline is watching hot girls run around in bikinis with their new boyfriend that they found on spring break. How did they manage to make a 94 minute film out of that? Selena Gomez is finally trying to break her Disney image. Vanessa Hudgens needed a pay day (and apparently she didn’t mind getting naked for it :o). The other two girls are simply trying to save their careers. James Franco looks like he will continue to prove that he is the biggest ass hole on the face of the earth. I’m shocked by the high reviews that I have seen so far, and it has really thrown me a curve ball as far as my opinion on seeing this film. At the end of the day, no amount of positive reviews can convince me to go see ‘Spring Breakers’. My Expectation: 35/100

In Theaters this Week (March 8th-14th)

March 8th

ozgreatandpowerful-thirdposter-fullWhen I saw the trailer for ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’, my heart screamed Alice in Wonderland (produced by the same man), and I think that the movie itself will be equally as disappointing. It will be visually stunning, but as for character development and depth it seems like it will be lacking. This movie is based upon a classic tale, but don’t expect anything classic out of the film. It is Disney, so it will have some strengths… It will look great visually , have a great score done by Danny Elfman (4 time oscar nominee), and of course it will look “expensive”. $200 Million dollars is a lot of money to spend on a movie, and honestly ‘Oz’ does not look like it was worth it. My Expectation: 50/100


It seems that this movie has really gone under my radar. It wasn’t until I was going through the list of coming soon movies that I even noticed it. After watching the trailer, it does look like it might give real New Yorker’s a very homey feel. It looks like it does not take you into the touristy parts of New York, but instead takes you right into reality. Other than that, I did not see much to get excited about from Dead Man Down. In fact, the only thing that kept me from writing it off altogether was the director, Neils Ardin Oplev; however, the movie is produced by WWE studios, so really how much can you expect? My Expectation: 40/100

emperor-posterEmperor did not realize quite how lucky they got with the casting of Tommy Lee Jones. This is Jones’ first movie since coming off of Lincoln where he was nominated for an academy award. He was the favorite, but he ended up losing to one of the stars of Django Unchained, Christoph Waltz. Emperor had a trailer that got me excited, but all the reviews that I have seen have stated that the movie is a let down. It seems  like it will improve your historical education, but apparently nothing more than that. After doing a search, I could only find two theaters that are showing Emperor (I live in Los Angeles), so if your living in a smaller town, you might be out of luck. My Expectation: 55/100

Nothing to get too excited about this week.

In Theaters this Month (March 1st-7th)

This is something that I figured would be a fun thing to do weekly. Every week I will evaluate every major release that’s coming out in the coming week. At the end of every movie there will be a rating. The rating basically signifies my expectations out of the film (*Keep in mind that the rating does not mean my rating of the film itself*)

March 1st


Don’t expect any love from me about Jack the Giant Slayer. Has Hollywood really become this unoriginal? Is this what studios have come to? There is nothing in this movie that I have not seen before. Even the dialogue seems unoriginal. Just from the trailer it looks poorly acted, directed, and designed. You can expect to see many movies like this in 2013. Jack the Giant Slayer will be seen by few, and remembered by few. I will not go and drop $15 on this piece of garbage, and I recommend that you do the same. My Expectation: 40/100

21-and-over-posterAre movies like this going to become a March tradition? Last March we saw Project X, a mega high school party that somehow managed to be slightly entertaining. Expect more of the same from 21 & Over. It seems to have a bit more of a story line than Project X, but the party scenes can be expected to share great similarities. I’ve heard it being billed as, “The Hangover Jr.” pshhh.. they wish. You might have some fun watching it with the guys, but it will be very forgettable. My Expectation: 40/100


As much as I searched for reasons to dislike the trailers for Stoker.. I can’t. I was sucked into the trailer, and the performances look capturing. The script looks like it may be the flaw of the film, but for an early March release this looks vastly entertaining. This looks like a good place for Park Chan-wook’s English language directing to start, and expect his films to just get better and better.  Stoker looks entertaining and chilling. Based upon early Sundance reviews, this movie will be one of the few (yeah there will only be a few) to catch this month. My Expectation: 80/100