In Theaters this Month (March 1st-7th)

This is something that I figured would be a fun thing to do weekly. Every week I will evaluate every major release that’s coming out in the coming week. At the end of every movie there will be a rating. The rating basically signifies my expectations out of the film (*Keep in mind that the rating does not mean my rating of the film itself*)

March 1st


Don’t expect any love from me about Jack the Giant Slayer. Has Hollywood really become this unoriginal? Is this what studios have come to? There is nothing in this movie that I have not seen before. Even the dialogue seems unoriginal. Just from the trailer it looks poorly acted, directed, and designed. You can expect to see many movies like this in 2013. Jack the Giant Slayer will be seen by few, and remembered by few. I will not go and drop $15 on this piece of garbage, and I recommend that you do the same. My Expectation: 40/100

21-and-over-posterAre movies like this going to become a March tradition? Last March we saw Project X, a mega high school party that somehow managed to be slightly entertaining. Expect more of the same from 21 & Over. It seems to have a bit more of a story line than Project X, but the party scenes can be expected to share great similarities. I’ve heard it being billed as, “The Hangover Jr.” pshhh.. they wish. You might have some fun watching it with the guys, but it will be very forgettable. My Expectation: 40/100


As much as I searched for reasons to dislike the trailers for Stoker.. I can’t. I was sucked into the trailer, and the performances look capturing. The script looks like it may be the flaw of the film, but for an early March release this looks vastly entertaining. This looks like a good place for Park Chan-wook’s English language directing to start, and expect his films to just get better and better.  Stoker looks entertaining and chilling. Based upon early Sundance reviews, this movie will be one of the few (yeah there will only be a few) to catch this month. My Expectation: 80/100